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“Waiter waiter I can’t eat this meat, it’s crawling with maggots…


Quick Sir, run to the other end of the table and grab it as it goes by!”

Thank goodness I’ve got a day off! Finally I can start working on my tan again (back home I’d start this process around January); the shorts are back on. Today I have been attempting to catch as many rays as possible in a bid to make up for all the days I’ve spent wearing trousers at work, neglecting my legs’ cries for sunlight. One factor behind this was the well and truly scorching weekend we’ve just experienced in Göβweinstein, with temperatures reaching around 30 degrees at points (35 degrees in long trousers). The hotel was absolutely jam-packed day and night, with most guests dining outside in the Biergarten. I can’t describe how painful our legs and feet were after that weekend, having been serving 4 days virtually non-stop! It seemed at points that the kitchen was open almost ‘all hours.’ Some guests did push it a bit far mind you, ordering roast duck at midnight to be eaten outside.

The terrace is almost always full now.

Spring cleaning before the guests arrive.

I always knew that my last couple of months at Gasthof Stern would be rather busy, and so it has turned out to be! But, funnily enough, the busier it has been the more fun we’ve had working (despite running around for hours on end). Easter was particularly brutal. Traffic in the village almost came to a complete standstill at points over the Easter week, as there were literally hundreds of bus loads of visitors travelling through Göβweinstein and the surrounding areas. The traditionally tranquil village turned temporarily into the Nürnburg Ring. Many buses would stop off in the afternoons in the village, the guests would have coffee and cake in the restaurant and then carry on with their travels. This was all indeed very pleasant, saying hello to the OAPS and helping them on their way, but I’ve got to admit that when 4 bus loads of OAPS turn up simultaneously, that it can be quite demanding! Due to the sublime weather we’ve had of late, all of the walkers, climbers, bikers and locals have come out of their shells, adding to business at the hotel. Things normally kick off around midday, with guests arriving for lunch, and carry on until around 1 or 2am. Hence, we’ve been very tired of late! I can’t complain though, it’s always lots of fun when the hotel is buzzing, and what with blues skies and the sun beating down, the village looks absolutely idyllic.

Recently I had a very funny experience. Petra’s little sister Sophie had asked me whether I could go one morning into the local school, and help one of the classes practice English. I basically had to stand in front of a class for approximately two hours whilst a group of hyperactive, neurotic and spotty 14 year-olds fired questions at me from all angles and subsequently laugh at every answer I gave (regardless of how seriously I said it). I’m really not sure how much of what I said they understood, but they certainly seemed to find it all quite funny (even if the answer I gave was simply “yes”). I didn’t know whether I was putting up a good show or just making myself look stupid! One thing that did strike me however was the amount of times that I was asked (predominantly by boys), whether I’d seen film ‘x’ or film  ‘y’, which were always films about the peculiar theme that is “English football hooligans”. Three different boys asked me within the two hours whether I’d seen three separate films, all of which are about hooliganism in England. This left me for hours thinking; how have these young German teenagers come across these sorts of movies? And more importantly, why are they so interested in them?! Of all of the classic British films that you can enjoy, how and why would a German teenager watch a film like Green Street?!

English hooliganism is popular amongst German teenagers it seems!

I’ve got to say that Grace and me were treated like royalty when she came to see me a few weeks back. Our own room in the hotel, room service from Florian when we least expected it, bottles of champagne, the whole shabang. On one evening Heike and Bernd arranged that a whole suite in the restaurant (candle lit and all!) was reserved for Grace and me, whilst Ingo concocted one of his finest dishes for us. It was truly lovely! Christian said that I’d really earned it, and that the whole Stern team wanted to use the weekend as a way of saying thank you for my hard work and that they’re very proud of me. All of which made me feel very happy! It was a great weekend with Grace obviously, and, like always, I can’t wait to be seeing her again once I’m home for good in 3 weeks :).

So, I’ve got three weeks left of hard work before I finally return home to England for good. Time has passed quickly, yet I’ve learnt and experienced so much. There are a few more things that I’d like to do here before I start getting all reminiscent however, which includes visiting the local Freibad (outdoor swimming pool), which had its official opening for the year 2012 yesterday. The hotel has a Ruhetag on Thursday, hence I think I’ll try and get all the guys together and arrange a trip!