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“Waiter waiter, are there snails on the menu…?


Yes Sir, they must have escaped from the kitchen!”

“Have you ever heard the expression: Walk a mile in my shoes, and then judge me? And then write your own books.” – Ann Rule.

One thing is certain about my last pair of work shoes: You wouldn’t have wanted to have worn them yourselves! Sadly, a bit like an elderly lady who reaches 99 but passes away shortly before her 100th birthday, my last pair of work shoes finally pegged out in the 8th  and final month of my year abroad. I really did believe that they would see me through the last 4 weeks here in Germany, but alas. They served me well, they fought the good fight. By the end they were well and truly in tatters. Once you’ve finished reading this latest blog instalment you can then judge accordingly: Was this simply an infamous matter of student laziness, poorness and stinginess, all poured into one, or more nobly, one young man’s valiant attempt at environmental consciousness?

Here are the three main reasons which finally convinced me that I should finally hang up these pair of boots.

1) My shoes were a colour which they originally were not.

Poor, pale shoes.

My shoes were made for walking, and that’s what they have done. Through sunshine and rain, inside and outside of the hotel, up and down stairs, for walking, dancing and running, these shoes have been with me the whole way. Strand by strand, after a couple of months the exterior material of my shoes began to wear / rub off. At first it didn’t look so bad, because I could cover up the bare bits with dark coloured mud, which convinced older people that my shoes were still black. Nowadays however, the shoes resemble two black and white cats (cats that you wear on your feet).

2) On a rainy day there was only a 10% chance that my feet would stay dry throughout.

Thin-looking, tired shoe. Poor shoe.

Of late I’d been feeling shorter than ever (is 5 foot 7 that bad?!). I’d come to the conclusion, that the reason behind this was that the soles of my shoes were wearing a bit thin. In fact, there weren’t any soles at all. The penny dropped, however, when I walked through the shallowest puddle ever for approximately 0.5 seconds. My feet were absolutely DRENCHED! If I’d have walked through that puddle bare foot, then I reckon they’d have come out less wet. I looked down to the soles of my shoes, and all I could see were my socks. My shoe soles were gone. Grounded into the earth below my feet over the last 7 months.

3) My boss ordered me to buy new shoes.

I think that I’d been living in denial for quite some time. I knew that the shoes were gone, I’d just failed to accept it. My new boss Lisa brought it up yesterday as a half joke / indirect order. She said, “Kit, you know that there’s a shoe shop across the road that does discounts for everybody that works at Gasthof Stern?”

Judge me as you will, the shoes served me well and I gave them every chance that I could!