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“Waiter waiter, there’s a fly drowning in my soup…


It hardly looks deep enough to drown in, Sir!”













Easter is a particularly special period in Franconian Switzerland. Not least, because of the wonderfully colourful tradition that is Osterbrunnen. This tradition, which originated in early 20th century Franconian Switzerland, involves decorating public wells or fountains with Easter Eggs for Easter. For two weeks, hundreds of buses with visitors from all over Germany drive through the small villages scattered around this area, stopping off and taking pictures and videos of the masterly crafted Osterbrunnen. I was lucky enough myself to get some time off the other day (it’s very busy in the hotel around this period), to take a look at an Osterbrunnen in a delightfully picturesque village called Bieberbach. Feast your eyes on these photos; each egg is painted individually!