“Waiter waiter, does the band which is playing take requests…?


“Yes, Sir.”

“Please ask them to stop playing and go home.”

Well hello everybody and welcome to another instalment of my year abroad blog. As I glanced out of my bedroom window just a moment ago I noticed that, once again, it is has started to snow. The figure is now so high, that I can’t count with my fingers the number of times that I’ve slipped (and almost fallen over) on my 100 yard journey to work each morning; it really can be quite hazardous! Don’t be silly enough to think however that these kind of conditions would for one moment hinder Gasthof Stern in its attempt to assume the role of World’s most hard working hotel, oh no. Despite the smaller amount of “opening times” the restaurant has offered of late, the Gasthof Stern team has somehow managed to find itself with more work to do than most weeks (I wasn’t even surprised this time ;)). Anyway, I’m still really enjoying the work (maybe a bit less by the end of the day), and I’m still learning, learning, learning. Amazingly enough, I’m officially over half way through my 8 months in Germany. Needless to say, the time has flown!

Where the feast will take place.

We kind of knew beforehand that despite the hotel being closed for the majority of this week, that we would still be quite busy, as there is a rather big event coming up tomorrow evening. In a nutshell: Gasthof Stern will be briefly transforming from a modest family restaurant, into a no-strings attached, party arena on Saturday night. One lucky gentleman has a 60th birthday to be celebrating on that day, and as a surprise (or at least I think it’s a surprise), some of his friends have rented out the whole building all to themselves (until 3am) as the venue. Now we all know how jolly and carried away these older folk can get, so I can tell right now that it’s not going to  be an early night for me. Anyway, it’s not simply a matter of catering for the group (around 40 people) in terms of food and drink, it goes further than that. In fact, they’re going all out. They’ve requested specifically, that we transform one suite into a massive royal table where they can all dine together, while the adjacent suite is to be made into a huge dance-floor. Basically, this means, a lot of organisation and preparation from us!

Somehow needs to be transformed into a dance-floor.

Admittedly, it’s taken us a few days to get everything sorted. However, the one thing that consumed a heck of a lot of time, was shifting all of the tables from the Bamberger suite into the barn (it’s the only place where there’s any room). It gets better. The entrance to the barn was blocked, e.g. we were unable to shift any of the tables inside, by 4 pallets of breeze blocks (as in the really heavy ones I used to deal with at Travis Perkins back in the day). So, naturally, we went to go and start up the tractor (with the fork arms), in order to temporarily move the pallets out of the way. You can imagine the despair that came across Stefan’s, Christian’s, and my face when we discovered that the tractor was broken. What really rubbed salt into the wound however, was when it dawned upon us that we were going to have to shift every block, by hand, to the back of the dusty barn. Instead of wallowing in our despair, we whacked on the radio, and like good old Germans, didn’t stop moving until all the blocks were removed (3 and a half hours later).

Anyway, I’m on a nice long break at the moment, and I’m recovering quite nicely! It’s still to be seen how mad these group of golden oldies are going to be, but if they’re anything like the usual crowds we get in here, they’ll be quite noisy! Still, it should be quite funny. In 10 days I’m coming back home for over a week and will be spending the whole time with Grace and my family, as well as attending Nathan Ellisdon’s 21st birthday party. To say that I’m excited is a downright understatement! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone, and that I’ve only just under 4 months left. So, all that said and done, I should probably go and talk some more German whilst I’ve still got the time!

Bis bald!

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Hello there! For those of you who know me, I'm Kit, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Kit. I'm currently studying at the University of Exeter, reading German and History, and my mandatory year abroad is imminent! Hence I've established this blog so that primarily I can inform you and share this experience with you, hopefully in an entertaining manner (that's if you're one of the many who appreciate my sense of humour). If you'd like to contact me, or find out more about my year abroad experience, then Facebook is one of your many bets. Don't hold back, I'd love to experience this year with as many of you as possible!

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